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The SparkleBands Origin Story

SparkleBands were created by one mom (spoiler: Hi! it’s me, katie👋) who'd had enough of frizzy hair in her face!

Whether running for enjoyment or running after my kids, I needed something  that would stay in place and possibly make it look like I’d done her hair that day.  I came up with the idea for SparkleBands one day while roaming the fabric store with my then three-year old daughter - whose  answer to everything is to "just add sparkle." She picked out the finest  sparkle she could find and we went home to sew!

This was back in the fall of 2013.  My now no-longer-three-year old is still designing headbands and beginning to learn to sew them herself!

SparkleBands  are great for working out since they don't budge - and they're also  fabulous for adding a bit of spark for a night out on the town.  You can even make an everyday pony tail shine!  

Bad hair day?  Toss your  hair up in a messy bun and slide on a SparkleBand.  It will give a  refined frame to your face, drawing attention away from your messy hair!

Marathon  runner?  My hair gets really frizzy when I run.  SparkleBands keep that  frizz out of my face and they stay put for those 26.2 miles.

5k  fanatic? Accent your racing outfit with a SparkleBand and outshine your  competition! Oh and my hair still gets frizzy during 5ks.

Beach bum? Fight the frizz with a SparkleBand.

Kid’s soccer game? Wear matching SparkleBands! Or better yet, outfit the whole team in matching SparkleBands.

To  wear: Put headband over head and around neck like a necklace, under  hair.  Place elastic at nape of neck.  Bring front of headband up to  hairline, behind ears and push back about 1" from front of hairline.

Washing instructions:  Hand wash.  Lay flat to dry or pat dry with a towel.

Adult size measures 20" relaxed and stretches to 25”
Kid size measures 18” relaxed and stretches to 22”

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