Our Story - Why DG?

You're here because you probably want to know what the D and the G of DG Sports Group stands for.  If your kids are within earshot and/or can read, then here's the answer: It stands for the founders' names: Dominic & Gianna.  They're kids but you can read how it came to be below.

Now if your kids aren't around and/or can't read: It stands for Damn Good.  Because sometimes, ya need a little reminder that YOU'RE DAMN GOOD! 

Here's the backstory on how this all came to be in back in 2013

A message from founder & owner, Katie:

My daughter, G, is really the brain-child behind our first brand Chase This Skirt® and subsequently, DG Sports Group™.  It started when she was only three and fairly obsessed with sparkly things.

I had started running in the summer of 2013 to get back into shape after having two kids.

The day before one of my first 5k races, a three-year-old G took one look at my "flat runner" outfit and straight up told me it was boring. I believe her direct quote was, "Mama, your outfit is boring.  You need to add some glitter and sparkle so you can shine."   And she was totally right.  We went to the fabric store and she picked out the sparkliest thing she could find.

Calling upon some dormant sewing skills, I managed to come up with this magnificent magenta creation:
Magenta Sparkle Running SkirtG approved. Katie rocked.

During that race, people really took notice of my ensemble & began cheering which kept me running and moving forward.  Magenta sparkles will turn heads!  You didn't see much of that in 2013!

I knew that G and I were on to something big.  Sewing skirts for G and myself quickly turned into sewing skirts for friends, then friends of friends, then internet strangers!

Soon thereafter she told me that we should wear "sparkly things on our heads." G is a big fan of hearts - in fact she drew the heart that is on the back of the Chase This Skirt® hem tags!  She had me put a sparkly pink heart on a trucker hat and we both fell in love with it.  I'm a sucker for a good pun, so this newfound ability to create hats turned into The Punny Hat™ - our brand of trucker hats!

Of course "sparkly things on our heads" also means headbands.  And with our level of activity, we both needed something that wouldn't slip off of our heads.  That's where SparkleBands™ come in.  I created a velvet-lined headband with a small piece of elastic at the back.  I wore it out for several runs and was impressed that it didn't move or slip! It even stayed on G's head - and she put it through the wringer!  Almost literally.

Demand for these awesome skirts, headbands and trucker hats have turned a small home hobby into a growing business sourcing local Southern California materials, garment houses and talent.

G still gets final approval on my race outfits and never lets me get away with anything "boring."  She is often found twinning me if she's out running too.
Mother Daughter Pink Sparkle Running Skirts Mother Daughter Pink Polka Dot Running Skirts

In 2015, we launched DG Sports Group™ because G's little brother wanted in on the action and in case you didn't guess it already... his name starts with a D!  He started designing his own line of orange clothing.  Yes, orange.  He loves orange and we could never find anything he liked in his signature color. 

With DG Sports Group™, we like to create custom works that you can't find elsewhere! 

Great for your kids' sports teams, your trail-running crew, your drinking crew, your film crew.... pretty much anything that can be defined as a "crew."